About Chappell Farms

Chappell Farms is family owned and operated by Pat Chappell and his wife Phyllis, their son Bud and his wife Sonia, a son, Tommy, and their daughter, Lynne. Bud and Sonia's sons, Patrick and Joseph help with the operation as trucking dispatcher and managing a U-Pick orchard. Sonia's parents operate the roadside stand. If one is born into or marries into the Chappell family, it seems they are active in the family peach business.

Chappell Family The Chappell family is a 5th generation peach grower. The very first orchard was planted in 1927 by James Chappell, (great grandfather of the present owners), in Candor, NC. James' grandson, Pat, Moved to Kline, SC in 1952, and set out his first peach orchard. This orchard was comprised of 100 acres.

Today, the farm has grown into an operation that handles hundreds of acres of peaches and ships them throughout the United States and Canada. Approximately 15 different varieties are distributed under the brand of "Pat's Pride".

Photo: Lynne Chappell (top left), Tommy Chappell (top right), Sonia Chappell (bottom left), and Bud Chappell (bottom right).

Members of the:
South Carolina Peach Council and the National Peach Council

Pat's Peaches Road Sign